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Fitting In in the East Village

Gothamist Interviewer KDunk quizzes director Lea Thau about her transition from Europe to downtown NYC:

You are originally from Denmark. How and when did you move to New York and how does New York compare to other cities you?ve lived in?

I came here for graduate school nine years ago... I shared an apartment in the East Village with Kim Pierce (Boys Don?t Cry) who was also then finishing her thesis project at Columbia... I?d lived in Paris for a few years before coming here, and although it was closer to home for me I felt much more like a foreigner there. The difference is that in Paris you?ll always be a foreigner if you?re not French, but in New York, you?re pretty much accepted as a native if you can find a way to pay the bills and get a share in the East Village.

Can I get an amen?
· Lea Thau, director [Gothamist Interview]