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Playing the 3BR Craze

Intrigued by the NYT article last Sunday on three-bedrooms apartments the new black, Curbed's real estate spy offers three ways to play the three bedroom craze.

1) Be the first to start the 4-bedroom craze. (You too can pass any large open loft or three-bed off as a 4 bagger with advanced planning and help from Home Depot.) Once those young couples start having kids they'll realize why so many of their predecessors traded hip restaurants and diverse neighbors for S-P-A-C-E.
· 260 West Broadway [Halstead]

2) Buy a one-bed/studio near NYU/Columbia and hold for 18 years in preparation for the onslaught of NY-raised children who spent their childhoods on the Mahattan/LIE Exit 70 zip pull and cannot possibly live anywhere else (see also former musician/actor housing in London).
· 536 West 111 Street [Halstead]

3) Buy a two-bedroom in at 280 Park Avenue South, Dormandie or Winsor Court (alternatively Murray Hill, Battery Park, and UWS) and rent out in preparation for downsizing empty-nesters who flock to early dinner specials at Park Avalon and still speak longingly of The Bubble.
· 280 Park Ave South [Citi Habitats] (oops, someone got there before we did!)