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Meet the $70 Million Apartment

Hello, vertigo! Today's the day "serious bidders" ascend to the top of the Pierre Hotel on Central Park at Fifth Avenue. Their purpose: to browse Martin Zweig's three-story penthouse apartment that's hitting the market this week priced at an unprecedented $70 million. (When last sold, in 1999, it traded hands for $21.5 million; the current record for Manhattan apartment sales is $42.5 million for a duplex condo at the Time Warner Center.) Out of the apartment's 16 rooms, the most dazzling is the 2,800 sqft grand salon (right). Comments Brown Harris Stevens president Hall F. Willkie, "I'm very familiar with ALL the great apartments of New York, and I believe this is the most important room in private ownership."
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[inside: a photo of a rather impressive stairwell!]