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Ron Perelman, East 63rd's Guardian of Good

We have a friend in the East Village who keeps a log of the garbage truck noise outside his apartment, periodically submitting his findings to his landlord, pastor, and assemblyman. Who knew that billionaire Ron Perelman has him beat by a mile in the neighbor-obsession department? Seeking to block restaurant Le Bilboquet from opening an outdoor cafe on his block of East 63rd, Perelman hired a private investigator to monitor the goings-on at this supposed den of sin. The Observer transcribes one evening's log:

8.31 p.m. ? Ten to fifteen people congregating in front of café
8.39 p.m. ? Larger crowd drinking and congregating in front of café
8.56 p.m. ? Crowd drinking in front of café
9.08 p.m. ? Patrons now cover most of the public sidewalk
9.43 p.m. ? Strolling couple has to maneuver to pass through crowd
10.18 p.m. ? Waiter serves drinks to patrons on the sidewalk
11.30 p.m. ? Group continues to drink and café raises music volume
12.00 p.m. ? Patrons continue to drink in front of café
12.52 a.m. ? Surveillance ends
In response, the Le Bilboquet owner declares, "The dog didn't bark on time." All of which suggests a new motto for the Upper East Side: "Even more batshit insane than your pathetic little neighborhood!"
· Boite's Battle Boils Over [NYObserver via Gawker's special IP Addy]