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Fresh Ego Grows at Ground Zero

Morning-after fallout?no, not the Sox-Yanks game?surrounds yesterday's architect selections for the culture buildings at the WTC Site. The good news: the addition of Frank Gehry seems certain to add another exciting ego to the mix. Speaking to the NYT, he grades his Ground Zero brethren:

"I'm excited about Santiago's building," he said of Santiago Calatrava's transportation hub, and added, "Michael Arad and Peter Walker's memorial, I'm pretty comfortable with that." As for David M. Childs, the architect whose Freedom Tower practically abuts the performing arts center, Mr. Gehry said, "David and I are reasonably good friends."For actual analysis, we turn to blogger Miss Representation, who notes, "For [Snøhetta], well, I plead ignorance, even as their site has some nice projects, and for Gehry, Bilboa can offset only so many abominations of formal subjectivity. Look for the use of 'soaring' and 'expressive' ad nauseum over the next few days."
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