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East River Redevelopment Update: Little Venice?

Lower East Side residents who attended last week's presentation of redevelopment plans for the East River offer some intriguing details on a local message board (e.g., "Canals integrated into waterfront area around Montgomery Street. Small boats could potentially pass through"). But not everyone's a believer. Writes message board poster Morty Cleveland,

Why do we feel the need to cram stores and crowds into ever single inch of New York City? The space under the FDR now is a welcome "Space" from the crowds of the rest of the city. One can actually ride a bike in the space for a few blocks. From the picture I saw, they have a bike lane right in the middle of shops and pedestrians which is bound to be a mess for both. Why if the seaport is failing commercially do we need more stores down there?· E. River Waterfront Revitalization Presentation [Co-Op Village Online]