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Inside Philippe Starck's Downtown Insanity Palace

Tonight is the opening sales party for Downtown by Philippe Starck, the new luxury Wall Street development under construction in the former JP Morgan building at 15 Broad Street. We've marveled at its reputed Lobby of Insanity before. At last, we can offer a glimpse of its massive entryway chandelier, which is just as weird as rumored. Get this: the chandelier includes multiple video screens that display "perfect photo-op images" [sic] of building residents as they stroll by. Your price to be part of this very special freakshow: $1.16m to $4.35m. Inside, more pictures from the asylum.

Wheelbarrows: soon to be all the rage in Wall Street child-rearing!

Swimming pool: now with bonus chandeliers!

The lounge: like Soho House, only pinker!

The gym: where better to gear up for the WNBA season than a basketball court surrounded by, uh, curtains?

Philippe, baby: you Own.
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