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Toy Factory Lofts: Catch Your Dreams Before They Slip Away

Regarding the Toy Factory Lofts in downtown Brooklyn?it of the dot-com worthy launch party?a Curbed reader emails,

I went to the open house at the Toy Factory yesterday in Downtown Brooklyn. The smallest loft was listed at $320k. I could have sworn that the same loft was listed at $260 or $270k just a month ago. Is this possible? A 23% increase in 1 month?Boy howdy! Indeed, checking the Toy Factory for-sale listings, the least expensive apartment is $320,000 (apartment 3G, in all its 610 sqft glory). But, with about 25 of the 44 units sold, we're wagering that the sub-$300,000 places went first. We'd call the Developers Group, but, well?that would require actual effort. Anyone tracking the numbers?
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