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VICE Partygoers Screwed at THOR

This morning's exclusive cameraphone snap of Japanese hipsters waiting outside The Hotel on Rivington elicits a revealing Curbed reader email:

some friends of mine arrived from sweden for the VICE 10th anniversary party. they were to check in thurs night and were told by the hotel that they weren't ready so they were relocated to the FLAT HOTEL. then on friday when they went to check in, they were told to come back in a couple of hours bc the reception area wasn't done. they looked around and the reception area wasn't even BUILT yet. anyhow, they did get to check in later on that night. and stayed through sunday. so yes, guests did indeed arrive and stay there!

Meantime, Tale of Two Cities offers additional THOR dish via Time Out New York, including this gem: "Guests can hobnob at two invitation-only lounges." Well, sure. Sounds fun. If, like, you know, they've been, um, built.
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