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Real Estate Wealth Expo Reports

Or, how two Curbed readers spent their weekends:

1) "i was a bit scared at first because there was a lot of 'stand up and cheer woo hoo' stuff going on... but then Rudy, Suze, Kyosake, and Trump were worth it (not the VIP 500 price.. but worth the 150 regular price). came out with two things: 1 - if you cant make money in america you are a moron; 2 - you arent going to become rich working for someone else."
2) "I attended it, only because I had free tix. And it was just what I expected, a bunch of people wanting to become millionaires overnight. After my fix of infocommercials and swarmy mortgage brokers, I hit the DigitialLife Expo next door. They let us Real Estate chumps in for free."