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Giant Rat Hits Philippe Starck Opening

Last night's opening sales party for Downtown by Philippe Starck drew at least one uninvited guest. A Curbed reader emails from the hood:

There were 20 to 25 protesters there when I walked by around 7:00. The BIG RAT was also there with Philippe's name on it and a sign that read something to the effect of "1 bedroom, 1.35 million; 2 bedroom, 2.095 million; 3 bedroom, 2.785 million; How we exploit workers, priceless."

Anyway, I live next door at the Exchange and union protesters have been there almost every day since I moved there in July. A very persistent and dutiful bunch of guys and gals. The protesters don't bother me because I am not home much during the day but when I do go home for lunch I can count on them being there and being entertaining. Will using unskilled labor here, as the unions protesters say, lead to some of the problems being experienced at Perry Street Towers? A question to ponder.

Anyone make it into the party last night? Must you again make us beg? Reports, s'il vous plaît, to
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