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BREAKING! Actual Guests Spotted at THOR!!

Curbed exclusive!! Must credit Curbed!! People, we have photographic proof that that The Hotel on Rivington is open for business. Reports our correspondent, "THOR first customers! Snapped last Friday morning at 11am on my way to work. Four Japanese hipsters anxiously awaiting the doors to officially open." The so-called "guests," who are rumored to have actually "paid" for their rooms, arrived as part of THOR's "soft opening" (for the uninitiated, "soft opening" = "please excuse the lobby furniture wrapped in plastic"). HotelChatter reports that about 20 rooms across four floors are open, with full opening slated for December (for the uninitiated, "December" = "December 2008").
· The Hotel on Rivington Strikes Back [HotelChatter]