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Curbed Readers Report

1) "Regarding Downtown by Philippe Starck building, what's up with the Stepford Wives in babydoll nightgowns? I'm shocked there's a brunette in the lounge. Then again, she is wearing more of a little harlot number, kinda reminds me of Cha Cha DeGregorio, the 'best dancer' from St. Bernedette's."
2) "I think that you're erroneously referring to Gwathmey's Astor Place building as 'Sculpture of Living' when it should be (or at least the banner at the construction site says) 'Sculpture for Living.'" Indeed. Curbed regrets the error.
3) "i stopped by THOR...tried to look around but they wouldnt let me. only 20 rooms open the jersey accented door man told me before asking me if there was any fast food around besides mcdonalds."