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All Of Tribeca Slated to Close

Having already put a fork in Joe's Pizza today, we're happy to pass along word from blogger Miss Representation of the decline and fall of Tribeca:

1) The Liquor Store (White and West B'Way) is gone. I don't walk by there every day, but I would still characterize it as unexpected (no series of articles in the Downtown Express about the death of trad downtown character).
2) El Teddy's site is razed: Ready for my close up, Ms. Corcoran!
3) Heard on the QT that Puffy's (Harrison & Hudson) was sold (upstairs was sold seperately). New owner claims no Nieporentization will happen, but we've heard that before.
4) As a comparator to Joe's Pizza, there's a retail space on the
corner of Leonard and Hudson that used to be a florist-y shop that is
also asking $15,000/month. It's almost 1200 sf, plus some basement (I think). Sure it's bigger, but minus the children named Tristan and their Jamacian nannies and Harvey Kietel, the foot traffic on that corner during the day runs well into the teens, so the per customer sales gotta be pretty high to justify that kind of toll.
Hey, at least Tribeca had a good run. On that note, happy weekend!