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Joe's Pizza Closing? Maybe So, Maybe Not

God knows we've been dying for a controversy this inane since the Magnolia Bakery closing rumors died down a few months back. Is Joe's Pizza closing its prime Village location to move a few doors down? Emails one doubter:

Joe's Pizza is not closing. They were filming Law & Order outside of the store yesterday so they only location that was open was the one down the street. I work in the area and saw them filming at various locations throughout the West Village yesterday. Someone was 'lying dead' in front of Joe's Pizza and the detectives were interviewing two men on the handball court down the street on 7th Ave.
But our original tipster is sure there's more to it than that:
I also live in the area and spoke w/ the boys behind the counter. Joe may be crazy, but he isn't dumb. $15,000/month is a lot of slices...
Anyone else care to dish? This story's blowing up, people!
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