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Gwathmey Goes Roark Above Astor Place

Skyline view day continues at Curbed with this Mark Heithoff snap for New York of architect Charles Gwathmey standing atop his Sculpture For Living in Astor Place. In the article?an adoring look at the role star architects now play in new development design?we finally get Gwathmey's take on the Related Group's wacky marketese that surrounds his Astor Place creation:

"Curvaceous is not a word I would have used," he says, without hiding his annoyance with the Related promo machine... A Related publicist sweetly reminds him to be perfectly positive when it comes to his developers. But Gwathmey, an artist, after all, presses on: "Undulating I would use."Fear not, there will be more chances for fun with adjectives when Gwathmey & Co. begin work on a new Related Group project, the residential conversion of the Superior Ink building on the West Side Highway. Sylphlike!
· Condo Couture by Famous Architects [New York Mag]