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11 Spring Street: Lachlan Calls In The Cranes

Breaking news from Nolita: for the first time in modern history (and six months after permits were filed), activity is afoot at 11 Spring Street, the mysterious edifice purchased a year ago by Post publisher Lachlan Murdoch for $5.25 million. To this point, the exterior and its famed street art remain unmolested, but for how long? Reports a Curbed correspondent, "right now, they are just messing around with the windows. they removed the glass from one and put a big thing of wood over it. i think that they are prepping the building to demo inside. a dumpster would be huge news."

After the jump, two more shots of today's activity; more to come as we begin a 24/7 stakeout of the site.

N.B. window covered with wood in bottom row in picture above.