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ISO People w/Unusual Living Spaces in NYC

Live in an amazing (or amazingly weird?) apartment? The folks at Inman News, the San Francisco-based real estate broker news site, are coming to New York next week to film several short documentary-style films. They're looking for NYC residents with creative and unusual living spaces who want to open their doors to their cameras, and tell their habitation stories. If you're interested, drop a quick line to explaining your situation and we'll forward it along.

The films will be distributed online and screened at Inman's just-announced Real Estate Connect '05 conference, coming to NYC for the first time in January. Speakers include New Yorker scribe James Surowiecki, Stanford law professor/digital guru Lawrence Lessig, Craigslist's Craig Newmark, and?for comedic effect, one must assume?your humble scribe.
· Digital real estate innovators to meet in NYC [Inman News]