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Chelsea Dorm Kid's Ritualistic Sofa Slaughter

In Chelsea, blogger Smitten chronicles the fruits of having a college dormitory arrive on her block.

Take last night, for example. At nearly one in the morning, we hear a yelling, screaming, temper tantrum: "I PAY NEARLY FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR FOR THIS SCHOOL AND YOU TELL ME THAT I CAN'T MOVE A SOFA INTO MY ROOM?" The kid then proceeded to throw his sofa out into the middle of the street. When one of the stoop-sitters, always out, yelled that he'd better get that goddamned sofa out of the street because it was blocking the goddamned traffic, he proceeded to kick it, tumbling foot over armrest, to the curb and fling the cushions at the heavily guarded doors. He then yelled that the dorm had caused him to ruin his sofa.
· There Goes the Neighborhood, Part II [Smitten]