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Red Sox Tribute on Empire State Building?

Breaking controversy: was the Empire State Building lit with Red Sox colors last night? A Curbed reader emails a quick chronology:

1) Z100's Morning Zoo crew complains on the air that the Empire State Building has been lit all night Red-White for the Red Sox victory in the World Series, because it's disloyal. (It would have been...)
2) I call Z100 to correct them; it was lit last night Red-Gold for the
subway centennial. They argue with me, say that they're 100% sure.
3) I emailed all the local newspapers, just in case this is an actual
4) Breanne Heldman at The Daily News gets a hold of the ESB's PR agency
5) I get a response from the building's management mid-day saying that it was, indeed, lit for the subway centennial and NEVER for the Red Sox. Also, Z100 had to correct themselves on the air later this morning.
All well and good. But where were the marauding hordes to beat down the giant Sox fan celebration on Seventh Avenue South 'neath the lunar eclipse last night?
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