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Curbed Readers Report: Am I Gwathmey Or Not?

1) Regarding the "iPods Suck Balls" stickers sweeping Tribeca: "Maybe someone is sick of the way that IPods alienate people from each other and create little tears in the fabric of society? Maybe someone is sick of having to repeat everything they say to another generation going deaf in their twenties from main-lining music? Maybe someone just hates things that are popular? Or maybe it's just another unemployed curmudgeonly trustafarian desperately holding on to some fading idea of sticking it to the man? I dunno."
2) Was Charles Gwathmey really photographed atop his Sculpture of Living? New York Mag sources write to confirm its veracity! But another reader notes, "The real question: is that really Charles Gwarthmey or is it his Madame Toussaud's wax representative?"
3) Months after much ink was spilled here, folks are still debating what to call the West Soho/Hudson Square area! "Having lived at roughly the corner of Hudson and Canal Streets for the past 3 years, i can offer the following with respect to how residents refer to the area... they don't. For as long as I've lived here people have explained where they live by way of the 2 closest corners. I know that's a pretty common New York way to explain your digs, but it's the only way I've ever heard any of my neighbors refer to the hood. Which is kind of cool, because it continues to shun the efforts of random marketing groups to apply a name to the area."