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Philippe Starck: Fork, Meet the Boutique Hotel

Philippe Starck, engaged in converting the downtown J.P. Morgan building into high-end residences (including the lobby of insanity) hasn't forgotten about boutique hotels. In a Q&A with New York, he meditates on the possibilities of the genre:

What can you possibly do that's new in hotels?

There are still so many things to invent. We invented, with Ian Schrager, the boutique hotel, and now the boutique hotel is absurd. Today the thing is not decoration, it's concept. Something specialized for your need. I speak to the Smart Tribe. The people who can walk on the street and find the Picasso and pick it up and say, "Oh, look, it's a Picasso!" I love people who recognize quality. I have not a lot of respect for people who buy the brand.· Tribal Chieftan [New York Mag]
· Philippe Starck's Lobby of Insanity [Curbed]