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Curbed Readers Report: Friday PM in the Universe Edition

1) "So, I work at Hearst and I noticed your post about the new Hearst tower that is going up on 57th street. I thought you might like to know some fun facts about Hearst... William Randolph Hearst's big dream was to build a "sky scraper" with 42 floors, but he was only able to build 6 floors. So now, they are realizing his dream."
2) "Confession: I hate the Highline Project. It's dark and ugly and spoils the view of the Hudson. I don't care if they put grass on top of it, it's still ugly! Thanks for listening, i feel better now."
3) Regarding the Chelsea Club, "certainly not the Karl Fischer of Hasidic Williamsburg residential development fame? after years of using a hack firm from Borough Park to sign off on drawings of multi-family, military baracks with balconies, Hasidic Williamsburg collectively moved towards the more sensitive, design-conscious architectural musings of Karl Fischer for their multi-family, military baracks with balconies with hints of 'architectural detail.'"