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Rothko: Closed? Reopening? Uh2@#?

Last week, Productshop NYC noted the apparent closing of Lower East Side music venue Rothko at the hands of zealous law enforcement officials. A Curbed reader writes to update us from the hood:

I live on Suffolk a few doors down from said venue and on Thursday (October 21st) I noticed a FDNY car out front about 9:00 p.m. It appears they were there to check out potential fire code violations. Which they must have found, because it was abruptly closed down. I was walking by there last week sometime and I overheard the owner saying that there was a 50 percent chance they would reopen by this Thursday. Alas, this weekend they remain closed.
But lo, reports Tale of Two Cities: "It appears that perhaps the problems with the too-hot-for-PD nightspot Rothko got taken care of, as tickets to the Vice records show at the club went on sale late last week." Awww, who doesn't love a happy ending?
· Rothko Rebirth [Tale of Two Cities]