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The Beautiful and The Damned at Ono

Andrea Strong reports from inside Ono, Jeffrey Chodorow's latest creation?and perhaps the straw that will finally break the Meatpacking District's back:

Located at the super-fabulous Gansevoort Hotel in the stiletto-scorched Meatpacking District, Ono is all about beautiful people, by way of flattering lighting and sleek design. And it seems that just by virtue of being in there, you too are stunning and fabulous. It?s like one of those mirrors that makes you look tall and skinny. The illusion is quite intoxicating. (But then morning comes and reality?and a nice sharp headache?greet you.) But here at Ono, life is good. Everyone looks great, and heck, so do you.
Anyone else feeling just a touch unclean?
· My Dinner at Ono [StrongBuzz, scroll down]