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Critic: New Jets Stadium 'Mind Numbing Spectacle'

How better to kick off this contentious week than a vitriolic architecture review? NYT critic Nicolai Ouroussoff doesn't particularly care for the proposed Jets Stadium designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox. Money quote:

Even if it were a gift to the city, the result would be depressing. As if to mask its colossal scale, the stadium is dressed up in a blinding assortment of L.E.D. screens, advertising, shops and restaurants: a mind-numbing spectacle that would echo through the surrounding neighborhoods. The park spaces, supposedly conceived as an act of civic generosity, are nothing more than banal front lawns for retail outlets. The result looks like a parody of late capitalist consumerism.Yeah, dude, we took Modern Culture & Media classes too. This blog is going late capitalist on all your asses! (Sorry... long weekend.)
· Review: Sobering Plans for Jets Stadium [NYTimes]