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Scammed Apartment Auction Report

Corcoran's Marc Lawrence, as honest and ethical a broker as we've ever met (Marc, baby?check's in the mail, right?), emails a report from this morning's auction of the scammed Uzan Properties:

I was there and it was very interesting ? collection of a number of the City's real estate bulk apartment purchasers along with a number of real estate reporters, mortgage and real estate brokers (including yours truly who made sure to give business cards to all the successful bidders). The prices were as follows:

Trump World Tower 845 UNP 59C - $2.2m
Trump World Tower 845 UNP 59D - $1.9m
100 UN Plaza 23B - $1.39m
100 UN Plaza 29C - $1.0m
100 UN Plaza 40E - $1.2m
100 UN Plaza 45PHA - $2.45m
100 UN Plaza 45PHB - $1.45m

Adds Mr. Lawrence, "all apartments required 10% cash deposit on drop of the gavel and closing w/in 3 business days (that's a lot of cash)." Indeed.
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