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Take That, Shvo!

Michael Shvo, the elite broker who recently left Elliman under a cloud of recrimination to launch his own real estate firm, has been reprimanded for his so-called unethical behavior. Whoa, baby, check out the price he's gotta pay. Reports the NYSun's Julie Satow,

Shvo was directed by an industry group to take a 90-minute ethics course after a complaint was filed against him by another top broker. Mr. Shvo also had his name and a list of his alleged ethics violations read aloud to a roomful of his colleagues at a meeting last week of the industry group, the Real Estate Board of New York.
That'll show him! (More after the jump for those lacking NYSun access.)
· Ethics Charges Filed Against Top Broker [NYSun, sub. req'd]

A few more goodies from the article:

The action that provoked the competitor's complaint took place in April, Mr. Shvo said, when he met with Charles Yassky, the developer of a nearly completed luxury condominium at 44 Laight St., in TriBeCa.

Mr. Shvo acknowledges that he visited the site even though a doyenne of downtown real estate, Barrie Mandel of the Corcoran Group, was the building's exclusive broker....

Mr. Shvo maintained that visiting Mr. Yassky did not violate any rules, and that the reason the Real Estate Board decided this would be an opportune moment for him to take the ethics course is that he had never taken the course before.

"Last year I sold 700 apartments, and I couldn't have done that if I didn't play by the rules," Mr. Shvo said.

How fucking great is this guy?
· Michael Shvo Exits Elliman For Own Firm [Curbed]