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Batali Out, California Pizza Kitchen In

Manhattan restaurateurs are having trouble finding affordable spaces, priced out of the retail market by drugstores, cell phone purveyors and?yes?chain restaurants. Three observations from today's NYT article on the phenomenon:

1) "Among many top-end restaurants, the big interest now is the Upper West Side. 'Broadway, between 72nd Street and 86th Street, is where a lot of these restaurants would like to be.'"
2) "And so many restaurateurs are compelled to look elsewhere, like the Lower East Side." [ed?the horror!]
3) "We'd open a dozen more California Pizza Kitchens if we could [ed?the horror!], but we're having trouble finding the right locations that have the right rents and in buildings that want food."

Apparently, this is all part of a big commercial real estate bubble, so no worries.
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