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Chinatown Massage Parlors: Still Sketchy!

Blogger Kill The Bird recounts, via an IM transcript, a story that shows once and for all "why Chinatown massage parlors at 3 AM may not be the place to be." Excerpt:

luvthetug: we get our lockers, i take a steam then head into a room
luvthetug: i'm in there with the girl for about 15 mins when i hear a little commotion outside, people talking in chinese
luvthetug: then some guy opens my door and tells me to sit up, i am thinking it's the cops
luvthetug: i look at the guy -- chinese guy with an uzi
holyshitdude: HOLY SHIT
Huh. Guess Chinatown isn't gentrifying as fast as we'd heard.
· Beware the Ides of Tug [Kill the Bird]