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David Vogel Update: Real Estate Gets You Laid

There's more to David Vogel, our favorite new real estate investor, than we'd dared imagine. A Curbed reader forwards a story about the Uzan property auction from the Washington Post that broadens his already legendary backstory:

"I was motivated by divine intervention," [Vogel] says in a thick Brooklyn accent. Then he tells his story: On Sunday he went on a date with a woman named Sherri -- "a very young, very beautiful woman who happens to be a brainiac" -- who took him to a real estate seminar at the Learning Annex. You think for a moment that Vogel is pulling your leg. But his eyes roll into the back of his head when he talks and you can't fake that. At the class, he learned about buying real estate at what he called "knockdown prices." He was working on Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday morning he and Sherri did some research on the properties up for sale. Instant due diligence. And then at 11 a.m., a client of his agreed to put up the necessary money...

For Vogel, maybe it's the beginning of a beautiful romance. "If you could," he says, leaning in, "say something nice about Sherri."

The Art of the Deal has a whole new meaning today.
· Condo Pandemonium [Washington Post, reg req'd]