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David Vogel, Curbed's Person of the Week

We're through with namby-pamby types whining that this real estate market is overpriced. Meet our new hero: David Vogel (right), a man who, at the auction for the scammed Uzan Properties, had the guts to drop $2.2 million for an apartment at Trump World Tower?and declare it a steal. Reports the Daily News,

"I think it's an absolute steal at $2.2 million," said triumphant bidder David Vogel, a self-proclaimed Internet millionaire who said he has read all of Donald Trump's books at least seven times. "I was just at a real-estate seminar this weekend and was motivated to do a big deal." Vogel said he hopes to flip the high-end den for $4 million in about six months.Responded Bellmarc's Elie Khen, "That's a sucker."
· Bad Pads Fetch $11.6 Million [NYDailyNews]