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Queens, The Next Big Sell

With so much Brooklyn hype today, we almost forgot to mention that the NYT real estate section offered up Queens as the new hotness yesterday. Prices per square foot of $250 to $400, versus $500 to $700 in Brooklyn, are drawing buyers. But are brokers equipped to make the sell in these edgy new hoods? Via these unaltered quotes, we'll be the judge!

1) "When I go to speaking engagements and people ask what is the next big thing, a lot of speakers are starting to say, 'Queens, Queens, Queens.'" ?Corcoran prexy Pam Liebman. Hmmm, a bit repetitive. Grade: B-.

2) "Long Island City is literally a stone's throw away." ?Citi Habitats founder Andrew Heiberger. Wait?a stone's throw from... what? Grade: C+.

3) "If you imagine that things started in Brooklyn Heights, moved to Dumbo and then up the river to Williamsburg and Greenpoint, the next stop heading north is Long Island City." ?Rockrose's Jon McMillan. Lost us in Greenpoint. Grade: C.

4) "When I do my open houses in Jackson Heights, the people who are calling me are the people who have vision." ?Corcoran broker Megan Hoffman. Didja hear that? Vision. Ms. Hoffman, well played! Grade: A.

· 'Outer Borough' Finally Attracts The 'In' Crowd [NYTimes]