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Dumbo, Gowanus Are Hot, Hot, Hot

Brooklyn mania day continues at Curbed. First, Newsday reports that the Dumbo rental market is outta sight! (A Two Trees manager reports 60 people on a waiting list for apartments ranging from an $1,800/month studio to a $4,400/month. 1500 sqft two-bedroom loft. Zoinks.)

Then, the NYT City Section weighs in with a peculiar report about rumored residential development by the Gowanus Canal. Apparently, an Israel-based real estate developer posted something on its website about a project slated for completion in 2007, sending locals into a tizzy. Now, all we can find on the developer's site is an exciting plan for an high-tech office village... in Tel Aviv. Hmmm. [Canal photo via Lex]
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