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Meet The Neighbors Dot Org

The NYT's Joyce Cohen clues us into, a new, building-specific MeetUp that encourages New Yorkers to?brace yourself?get to know your neighbors. Reports Cohen,

Currently, the most active building is the Encore, 301 West 53rd Street, where Terri Horowitz, 32, has taken charge... With more than 250 units, her building is so big she passed out fliers in three batches. So far, 67 people have registered. Ms. Horowitz hasn't yet planned the building's first gathering, but figures she will schedule a get-together at a new wine bar across the street, posting it on the Web site.

"I'm sure I won't get all 67 people, but if I get 10, that's a success," she said. "If I have to show up alone, I'll show up alone."

Cosmo Kramer would be proud.
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