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Avalon Chrystie Place Tops Off

The latest (and, some say, greatest) new blight on the downtown scene continues to grow at a kudzu-like pace. Astride East Houston Street, between Second Ave. and the Bowery, the mammoth Avalon Chrystie Place celebrated its topping off last week. Noted one councilmember present for the topping-off ceremony, "We defeated Robert Moses. We won." (Uh, not to rustle any feathers, but have you seen the plans for this place?) Anyhula, the building and its 361 rental apartments should be finished by this time next year. That means what will be Manhattan's biggest Whole Foods could open as soon as December 2005.
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[inside, a few more photos. Also, bloggers Test of Will and CityRag have snapped some Avalon shots recently.]