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Another Williamsburg Gym Scam?

Recall the sad tale of Core Heath and Fitness, the phony gym that scammed Williamsburg hipsters? One local blogger thinks it might be happening again:

last year, two gyms were set to open in bedford-zone williamsburg?Maxim and (the somewhat cheaper?) Core Health & Fitness. Both presold memberships to a couple hundred people, and then the Core owners disappeared with the cash, and no one knew until an American Apparel opened in the space.

now Maxim, which is in a huge, newly renovated industrial building, and boasted that it would have a smoothie bar AND pilates, seems to be no more. not sure if it ever opened?doubt that it did and just went out of business, 'cause they've been working on it for a year?but it is definitely empty in there right now and a huge sign says "space for rent."

Hey, how does that "fool me once" saying go?
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UPDATE: Or not! A Curbed reader emails, "Um. Yeah. The Maxim gym is open to current members and once they are complete they will be open to the public, it's just on one side of the building (the building is a whole city block). You can walk to it on n9th and Driggs or you can try calling them 718-460-0505."

UPDATE II: Maxim owner Larry Betz emails Curbed to confirm that his gym is open for business. Here's his email about it.