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Stern Report: Naked in Union Square

A special Curbed correspondent braved the crowds in Union Square to report on the Howard Stern appearance.

On assignment, I walked from my office to the north end of Union Square around noon, where the party was already in full swing. Sirius had stage set up on the north end of the square, where the farmers market usually is. Sirius had one of its hard rock stations blasting Hits From the 80's at obnoxious volumes. On stage were a bevy of what I was told were strippers from Scores (teeny waists, unhumanly large elsewhere).
The crowd was pretty well behaved. I talked to a group of youngish off-duty cops who had driven up from a suburb of Trenton, NJ, saying they came for the radios and were trying to figure out how to get Sirius in their squad cars. I interviewed others who drove from other cities (one who came up at 5:30a from suburban Philly.) My big question: don't they sell these things for $99? Is it worth the entire day, plus the expenses to come for a $99 boom box?

Apparently. From the press stand, I counted about 2,000 people, divided into a few different corrals. They handed out hundreds of radios and hundreds more coupon that could be cashed in for a radio later.

It was the typical Howard crowd, with all the good and bad implications that come along with that characterization. Robin, Howard and others from the cast of characters were handing out big Sirius boxes from the stage. Great crowd control. It was actually kinda dull until a couple of women in the crowd started taking their clothes off. They only stripped to their bras, but at least it was a change from the crowd of scruffy guys. "Ladies, you're beautiful," Howard calls from the stage.

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