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Maxim Fitness in Williamsburg: Absolutely, Totally Open

Mea culpa, dear readers. Our inference of a second Williamsburg gym scam yesterday?though corrected by an alert reader moments after posting?caught the attention of Larry Betz, the owner of the new gym, Maxim Health and Fitness. Larry assures us that his gym is indeed open and eager for your patronage. In an email after the jump, Larry explains the situation, the cause of some of the confusion, and how he has put "everything on the line" to make his new gym happen. We wish him the best.

I am Larry Betz the owner of Maxim Health and Fitness along with Mike Jaramillo and Rod Harrison. We in no way are or ever have been associated with Core Fitness. Core ran a presale to try and get money to open up a small club. He started with no money. Myself Mike and Rod have put everything we have on the line. Our homes, bank loans, 401k loans and any credit card company that will give us credit has been maxed out.

We have a 20 year lease on the second floor at 500 Driggs ave. Our entrance is on the north 9 side of the building were we have our juice bar. If you drive down Driggs ave and see a vacant space it is not my space. This is a very large building with a lot of space for rent. If you called the number on the sign it is for the owner of the building. The signs that we put up have been up from March and looked like rags and it was for our presale which is now over.

We started our presale in mid March after we signed our 20 year lease with the owner of the building. Our store front was done on August 15. Yes it was later than we thought. But we built a 14,000 sq ft health club in 5 months not a year. Some people have know concept of time. We have been ready for business since the first week of September. We are just waiting for the building to be in full operation.

Right now we are open M-F 10 am to 10 pm, Sat 10 am to 7 pm and Sun 11 am to 5 pm. We have started some classes and once we are in full operation we will keep adding more. The members have been great and the people in the neighborhood have been very supportive. Please come down and look at our space. It has been a dream for us to open a club. I love the health and fitness industry and I love helping people reach their fitness goals. It is truly a fulfilling endeavor.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Sincerely the owners of Maxim health and fitness.