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THOR Update: Take Three

Been too long since we caught up on the Hotel on Rivington, our favorite new downtown hotel. To wit, reports from three recent guests:

1) Blogger John Massengale writes, "The WiFi is broken, the DSL cables are all out, and I'm writing this on whatever WiFi floats by the eleventh floor. But we like the room." [Veritas et Venustas]
2) A satisfied guest emails HotelChatter, "Cabs don't venture down that way yet but the door man (Noah) walked down block into the middle of the street to hail me a cab, in the me, that speaks volumes!" [HotelChatter]
3) My mom, who stayed at THOR last weekend, emails: "Room/site design: compact, excellent if facing uptown, less so facing downtown. Furnishings: somewhat cheesy but dramatic upon first sight. Shower: what fun to shower with no impediment between upper body and encroaching helicopters/and/or binoculars from the Empire State Bldg." (Thanks, mom!)