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Central Park North, All Aglow

Enough downtown crapola. Today, Curbed ventures uptown, starting with Deborah Schoeneman's look at the fun to be had on Central Park North. "It?s all part of the larger Harlem rebirth?it?s just more dramatic when park views figure into the picture," she writes. Among the fun facts:

1) Developer The Athena Group recently bought shopping center at corner of Central Park North and Lenox Avenue; plans to build 17-story condo there with prices from $450,000 to $2 million.
2) A few blocks further north, developer Joe Tahl is converting the Normandy, a prewar building; prices expected to range from $750,000 to $1.2 million.
3) "The houses between 110th Street and 125th Street are over $1 million and they need a gut renovation," says Harlem real estate maven Willie Kathryn Suggs.

· Above It All [New York Mag]