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When Stephen Met David

Are the ties between Related Group head Stephen Ross and deputy mayor David Doctoroff a little too tight? Heck if we know, but for those seeking Friday morning outrage, the NYT lights up its front page with this:

But when the Bloomberg administration was disappointed by progress at the South Street Seaport in Lower Manhattan, it agreed to a plan in which Mr. Ross's company, Related Companies, would assume control of the Seaport and substantially redevelop the area, without using a competitive bidding process. The company also won a lease to redevelop the Bronx Terminal Market without competition, one of only two projects outside Lower Manhattan for which the city is recommending the use of tax-free Liberty Bonds, which are meant to help rebuild New York after the attack on the World Trade Center.
Don't miss the kicker: "Mr. Ross and Mr. Doctoroff are already quite wealthy." No shit?
· For City Official and Developer, Close Ties Mean Close Scrutiny [NYTimes]