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Calling Bullshit on a New Development Apartment

We thought there was an unwritten code among brokers only to say sweet, happy things about the "new luxury developments" sprouting like mushrooms across our fair burgh. So it's fun to see the claws come out in New York's new "Triple Assessment" feature, which asks three brokers to price the same apartment. Warburg's Judith Thorn weighs in on a spread at 260 Park Avenue South brokered by Elliman's Shaun Osher:

"The dining and living rooms are small, especially when you stick some furniture in," she says. There?s a communal storeroom, but no private ones?"unusual for a luxury condo," she adds. "And $3,000 per month in charges for an 1,800-square-foot apartment is a lot. However, this apartment on this floor is particularly nice?it's on a corner and you can see the trees."Rawr! But fear not?the place sold for $2.5 million.
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