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505 Court Update: Renters Still Pissy!

It's as certain as election day riots: when we post something, anything, about 505 Court Street in Carroll Gardens, emails from peeved building renters roll in like the tide. A choice nugget from today's mailbag:

Whoever wants to step in to purchase 505 Court should know this. When Awaye Realty says "the current Owner has commenced building upgrades which are anticipated for a condo conversion..." Ms. Waye means that she has commenced building upgrades in UNOCCUPIED apartments. For those of us still actually live here, forget it. Our windows are still grubby and broken, our floors are still scuffed, our kitchens and bathrooms are still outdated and our walls are still unpainted in a decade or so.
Memo to reality TV producers: convene the 505 Courters with the folks from The Crest for the ultimate real estate support group. Gold, baby, gold!
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