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THOR Update: Do-It-Yourself Privacy

Last week, my mom reviewed The Hotel on Rivington, noting, "What fun to shower with no impediment between upper body and encroaching helicopters/and/or binoculars." Turns out she was being stalked by a Curbed operative, who emails from across the street:

it could very well be fun to shower with ?no impediment between upper body and encroaching helicopters/and/or binoculars from the Empire State Bldg" but don?t forget to look across the street. while living less than 50 feet from this hotel, and with it looming large outside the window where I type these words, its hard not to notice movement in the windows, especially the bathrooms - the light easily casts a silhouette of its occupant (and any guests they may have). let me abbreviate the rest: last Saturday night, 10th floor, NE corner suite bathroom, two occupants showering, one drops to their knees and a fully silhouetted... well, you get the idea... ensues.

The correspondent also forwards the above image, noting, "check out this apparent home-grown fix to the 'window in the shower' problem." Indeed, mom confirms that she too was given sticky paper to cover the window. Damn, this hotel just keeps getting better.
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