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Chelsea Mania Continues

For no particular reason that we can discern, dear old Chelsea is all the buzz today, with two big articles touting the hood as a real estate hotspot. A column in New York talks up northern Chelsea?aka Chelsea Heights?and residential developments including the Chelsea Royale (right). The NYT real estate section, meantime, visits gallery land in far west Chelsea, where residential developments are encroaching artists' turf:

Vesta 24, a 14-story, 22-unit condo at 231 10th Avenue between 23rd and 24th Streets, which sold out last month in a day and a half, demonstrates the appeal of the area. "Two-bedroom two-bath apartments went for $1.1 million to $1.37 million, and it is difficult to find a good apartment in that price range in a brand new building," said Jim Brawders, senior vice president at Corcoran Group Marketing. "And people think it's hip and cool."Hip and cool, you say? Friends, this sounds big!
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