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Bob Mould Appraises Billyburg Condos

So long as we're hanging with rockers in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg nexus, let's check in with Bob Mould, who played NorthSix last week. As a former resident of the 'burg, he blogs about the changes he sees:

I am constantly shocked at how the area has changed. If you had suggested to me (in 1993) that I would have my choice of at least 2 sushi restaurants near the Bedford L stop, I would have laughed at you. I drove by my old loft, and not surprisingly, it is being converted into "1700 sq. ft. luxury condos". When I lived there, I had 4400 sq.ft. (3 adjacent 3rd floor spaces, connected by large sliding fire doors) for $1600/month. I would imagine those 1700 sq. ft. lofts will sell for somewhere in the $1 to $1.3M range. I also walked by a 5000 sq. ft. house I looked at in 2000, then listing for $1.1M. It is certainly worth $2.5 to $3M today. It has also been divided into individual condos.

Real estate analysis aside, he concludes, "NYC is always changing, but I can typically count on running into old friends. It's one of the coolest things about NYC; most people think it's this monolithic landscape, when, in reality, it's a series of small neighborhoods, and it's very easy to find your old neighbors."
· Weekend In Review [BobLog via Coolfer]