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Neighborhood Trend Report 2

Apparently, art galleries are all the rage in Chelsea. In a dense ode to the scene, the NYT arts section waxes pre-nostalgic:

Even as you wonder how many more galleries the neighborhood can possibly absorb, you ask how long any of the dealers ? excepting the few who own their spaces ? will be able to afford to stay there, and where else in Manhattan they could go, and what it would mean to the city's cultural identity if the area disappeared.

As Chelsea's residential population expands, will the storefronts be taken over by restaurants, boutiques, dry cleaners, delis and copy shops, or will the lack of subways discourage that? Could the proposed Jets stadium a few blocks to the north, with the traffic, crowds and noise it will generate, be Chelsea's death knell? Will the restoration of the High Line precipitate the northward crawl of the West Village Gold Coast and meatpacking trendiness? Or will the art market bubble simply, once again, burst?

We'll take (e), all of the above.
· Chelsea Enters Its High Baroque Period [NYTimes]