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Blue Tulip Party Seizes Governor's Island

An Election Day story to warm the bluest of hearts: a man tried to seize Governor's Island in the name of the Blue Tulip Party yesterday. Reports the Daily News,

His move to commandeer Governors Island was first noticed when workers saw the pirate flag hoisted at 6:40 a.m. on the flagpole in the center of the island, cops said. A skull at the flag's center had a painted bullet hole between a set of red eyes. A police spokesman said it wasn't clear how long Nash had been on the island, or where he had landed...

Nash told the Daily News he was "trying to seize Governors Island for the Blue Tulip Party." "It's a political organization I started," Nash added, mumbling about "Indians" and "reparations" as his motives for trespassing.

Anyone else calling a Schumer/Nash ticket for governor in '06?
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