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Jennifer Crisafulli Needs a Job

Twice-fired ex-Elliman broker Jennifer Crisafulli went on the Howard Stern Show this morning yesterday to tell the world what some of us already had intuited?she needs a job. Reports

She said that her life has been ruined because of "The Apprentice". She had a great job in a NYC real estate firm and projected that she was going to make $300,000 this year. But after her episodes of the Apprentice ran they promptly fired her... Jen said she was shocked because up that point her career had been going so well. She had been working at a major New York City real estate firm for a short period of time and had been doing so well there she thought she was going to win their "Rookie of the Year" prize.Also, her breasts are real.
· Howard's Personal Cupid, Jen C []